Who We Are

I began making blocks for my grandson about a year ago.  He had outgrown the little child's blocks but he loved to stack and build and play with items.  I remembered the blocks that my grandfather had made for me when i was a child.  I played with them for many years.  I determined to replicate those blocks as closely as possible.  The Bag O'Blocks is the result of that effort.
All items are made in my St. Louis area workshop.  They are available here though the contact me page.  I also sell these through a friend of mine at various craft shows.  The Crafty Boomers sell these along with their fine wares.  Please check their website for their show attendance schedule. 

These blocks make great gifts for children who show an interest in stack things, aligning things and building in general.  They are generic so they can be whatever the child imagines them to be.  It is that imagination which helps a child grow.   I think you will love these blocks, I know my grandson does.

What We Do

Bag O'Blocks hand cuts, finishes and packages wooden blocks.  They are designed primarily for child's play.  Currently the shapes are basic.  I am working on new shapes, but the basic ones work best for young minds and fingers. 

Blocks are made from diffetent pieces of wood.  Usually soft wood such as spruce.  Wood will vary in color and grain pattern.  Those are part of what makes wood items so attractive.  Wood density will vary as well.  This can greatly impact the weight of a block, will will impact shipping costs.